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How Much Does A Website Cost?

It’s a valid and important question.  If you ask your high school nephew to design your site, the answer just might be “free”.  Ask a marketing agency, and your proposal could start at $30,000, and it can go up from there.  This sliding scale makes it very confusing.

Here is my answer to this question:  Websites are like pizzas.  If you ask a pizza maker, “How much for a pizza?”, the response will be, “Depends on what you want on it.”  Just like pizzas, websites come in all shapes and sizes, and with a wide variety of extras.  

Like pizzas, you can have a simple one-page long scroll site, similar to my page, or you can have a site that is 20+ pages deep that also has an eCommerce store featuring 40 or more products, an online payment gateway, customer profiles, email subscriptions, video blogs, social media integration and Google maps. If you’d like to see an example of that pizza masterpiece, check out my work at OHenry’s Coffee.

A Website Pizza Menu could look something like this:

Plain Cheese:

  • Mobile friendly website
  • 1 long scroll main page
  • 2 additional pages (ie. Contact, Bio, or Events)
  • Lead generation form to build email database
  • Social Media integration


  • All ingredients on a Plain Cheese plus:
  • Blog
  • Blog post training for you or your staff

Supreme (eCommerce):

  • All ingredients on a Pepperoni Pizza plus:
  • eCommerce store up to 10 products

Monthly Admin fee: 

  • Website code updates
  • Technical issue resolution
  • 2 hours of content and/or design updates or training

Deluxe (Mobile App):

  • All the ingredients on a Pepperoni pizza, plus:
  • Your website modified and packaged as a mobile app.
  • Submitted to and made available to download on the Apple and Google App stores

Meat Lovers Combo:

  • Deluxe & Supreme combo
  • eCommerce store (# of products will determine budget needed)
  • Mobile App
  • Brand message creation process and content with a Certified StoryBrand guide

Additional toppings

  • Simple content
  • Brand message creation process and content
  • All day StoryBrand discovery process with a Certified StoryBrand guide
  • Optimized content for your website that encourages site visitor engagement and response
  • Custom photos
  • Graphic and/or logo creation
  • Custom video production

The real question: Do you want your nephew to represent your brand, or do you want a professional to help you give you the best chance for a business conversion?

When you need more than a template, but don’t need an agency…

I would be glad to have a no obligation discussion about your website needs.

Chris Davis
“Artisan Pizza Websites for Everyone”

P.S. Special thanks to my good friend Keith Kirkland who helped me flesh out my pizza analogy and gave me a great summary for what I do for small businesses… “When you need more than a template…” Brilliant!


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