The BrandScript Explained

BrandScript Explained
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BrandScript Questionnaire

Our BrandScript is a story about a character (our customer) who wants something and has to overcome conflict to get it. We start by asking, “What do our customers want as it relates to our products and services?”


  1. People don’t tend to buy the best product and services. They buy the easiest to understand.
  2. If you confuse you lose.

With our BrandScript our customers will immediately understand what we offer and why our products matter within the story they are trying to live.

Based on your personal knowledge of our customers, give your honest opinion to all of these questions. There are no right or wrong answers.

Thank you for your thoughtfulness and time.


2. Describe your average customer
If you can clearly communicate what that crisis feels like, your customers will identify with you and trust you to help them find a resolution to their internal and external problem.
Until you clearly define what problems your brand can solve for your customers, they won’t understand why you’re relevant to their lives and will move on to your competitors.
Every hero is looking for somebody who believes in them and understands them.
THE PLAN: The purpose of a plan is to create a clear mental path your customers can take from where they were when you found them to the point of purchase which should provide a resolution to their conflict.

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