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a simple explanation of SEO

A Simple Explanation Of SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can appear to be very aloof and confusing but at it’s core, there is a simple explanation. For the sake of simplicity I will use Google as our sample search engine. It is the most popular and arguably the most robust, but for the most part Yahoo and Bing operate the same way.

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How much does a website cost image

How Much Does A Website Cost?

“How much should a website cost?” It’s a valid question. The answer could be “free” if you ask your high school nephew to design it. Ask a marketing agency and you will get a proposal from $30,000 and up. This sliding scale makes it very confusing.

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I believe that it shouldn’t be that hard for any business to create a clear message, a user friendly website, and a custom mobile app. For over a decade I have helped small and large business and organizations achieve their online goals.

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To give businesses and organizations the best online presence with engaging messages, calls-to-actions, mobile access, and marketing strategies.

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